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MSO Mission Statement

  • Our orchestra consists of amateurs with a professional attitude, students of music and professional musicians. For us music is more than just a hobby. Our main aim is to strive to reach a better technical and musical level so as not to disappoint the exspectations of our audience. From that starting point we deepen our love of music and develop an appropiate musical self-awareness.

  • We are aware of the cultural duty we have taken on in our musical activities ainca the founding of the orchestra in Moedling in 1986. As an important element in the community in general and for music-lovers in particular, we are ready to shoulder that huge responsibility both now and in the future and to continue to build up our standing in the cultural life of Moedling.

  • We would also like to broaden our activities, however, and to perform in other regions of Austria and in other countries, setting this as a benchmark in our search for improvement.

  • We offer to talented, qualified young soloists an opportunity forum to perform with us in public. Commited young musicians can also gain experience playing among the old hands of the orchestra. Amateur musicians of the necessary level are also welcome to join, as needed.

  • We expect and cultivate friendly and open relations between members of the orchestra, as also with our audience, with the media and with our sponsors. Profession, origin, education and age are of no relevance here. What we have in common is music and music-making, and the mutual respect that comes with it.

  • Ours is an unaffilated, independent association of public use, financed by membership fees, contributions from sponsors, grants and ticket sales. The democratically elected committee manages the assets of the association to the best of its ability. With only the success of the orchestra in mind, each committee member sets out to offer administrative and logistic support as best he or she can.

  • We want to keep our orchestra going for future generations. So each and every member of the group shares responsibility for the future of the Moedling Symphony Orchestra.


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