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The Mödling Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1986 as a purely amateur orchestra, the brain child of the Deputy Mayor and Town Councillor for Culture of the time, Dipl.Ing. Josef Wagner. Thanks to his good contacts in musical circles, he was able to involve Conrad Artmüller in the project, at that time conductor at the "Volksoper" in Vienna and musical director of the "Mödlinger Singakademie".

Over the years it became clear that, because of the serious lack on qualified amateur players, especially in the wind section, mor and more paid musicians had to be engaged. So in 1996 the Committee decided to raise the status of the orchestra to the semi-professional level. This meant that both music students and teachers could become permanent members of the orchestra provided they were prepared to attend all the rehearsals; the MSO now boasts a permanent wind section that plays at all the concerts. The decision also meant a huge rise in the quality of playing, which is reflected in the orchestra's present level of recognition and which made it possible for it to undertake a successful concert tour to Japan in the year 2000. The concert tour to Assisi in May 2008 was also a result of this development.

An imposant feature in the life of the orchestral community is the music seminar held each summer. During the seminar highly qualified coaches take over individual sections of the orchestra, working with the playerson technical and musical problems and thus contributing to the further development of the members of the orchestra. In this way it has been possible for the orchestra to move forward cautiously to study the works of the romantic composers and even those of Gustav Mahler and Sergei Prokofiev.

The increasing visibility of the orchestra has lead more and more concert organizers to invite the MSO to perform. In January 2007 the MSO played a New Year's Day Concert in Kitzbühel, and was immediately invited back for 2008 and again for 2009. In December 2007 the orchestra performed with singer Angelika Kirchschlager in aid of Karlheinz Böhm's charitable organisation "Menschen für Menschen".

Our aim is by playing together under professional direction and with thorough preparation, to reach a level where the orchestra is able to play the great works of the world concert repertoire at a suitably high standard of performance.

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